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Connections between Artistic Practice and Experiences in Nature: Considerations for how Art Education Can Engender Ecological Awareness
Canadian Review of Art Education, 42(2) 69, 2016
Zuzana Vasko
Enlivening our Sense of the World: Environmental Connectedness through Artistic Engagement
(Thesis, Doctor of Philosophy, 2014)
Abstract: Beginning with the claim that we are more likely to care for and protect natural ecologies close to home (and thereby the environment as a whole) if we feel for them a sense of love and connection, this thesis builds on the foundation that such a felt connection is necessarily aesthetic in that it involves the whole being — including body, senses and spirit. The experience of active engagement in the arts shares many commonalities with that of being immersed in nature. In this regard, being well versed in several forms of the arts can contribute to deeper and subtler interrelatedness with natural environments. Unlike literal language, the arts offer means of learning and expressing what one knows of the world around us in ways that are sensuous, embodied, symbolic and ineffable. An argument is made for the validation in education of a lived and embedded relationship with the natural world (and with place) and for how the arts can help engender such a relationship. Examples of aesthetic practice and their process are explored: a series of drawings done in two particular wooded areas over the course of a year, and a series of imaginative writings stemming from listening to what certain forms in the natural world might say. This experience of listening is then considered in light of how it might contribute to an increased mindful awareness of self, particularly as an ethical being in relation to other forms of life.
Zuzana Vasko
Animism, Creativity, and a Tree: Shifting into Nature Connection through Attention to Subtle Energies and Contemplative Art Practice
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, 19, 111-126, 2014
Michelle Flowers, Lisa Lipsett, M.J. Barrett
Re-connecting with nature: Transformative environmental education through the arts
PhD thesis, 2014
Rachel York
Bringing Art to Life: Creative Nature Connection for Educators
Lisa Lipsett, 2013
Locative Meaning-making: An Arts-based Approach to Learning for Sustainable Development
Sustainability 2013, 5, 1645-1660, 2013
Natalia Eernstman & Arjen E.J. Wals
Inspired by nature: the positive impact of environmentally-based art education (Thesis, 49 MB)
Tara Noel Powley

In an age of increased environmental awareness, environmental education in schools has become progressively valued and supported. With this in mind, the purpose of this study was to investigate the significance of art education within the context of environmental schools and other sites of environmental education.
Earth Education, Interbeing, and Deep Ecology
National Art Education Association, Studies in Art Education: A Journal of Issues and Research, 53(3), 223-245, 2012
om Anderson & Anniina Suominen Guyas
Nordic contemporary art education and the environment: Constructing an epistemological platform for Art Education for Sustainable Development (AESD)
InFormation. Nordic Journal of Art and Research, 1(2), 77-93, 2012
Helene Illeris, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder, Norway
Go outside: engaging elementary art students in outdoor exploration (Master thesis, 64 pages)
Melinda Turnbull, University of Florida, USA, 2012
  Emotions aesthetics education: Dilemmas related to students’ commitment in education for sustainable

The Journal of Artistic and Creative Education (JACE), 6(1), 2012
Eva Österlind
Arts-based Environmental Education: Children May Know It Better
Education Review, University of Ottawa, Canada, Nov. 2012
Bruno de Oliveira–Jayme
Secondary teachers’ conceptions of creative thinking within the context of environmental education
International Journal of Environmental & Science Education, April 2012
Maria Daskolia, Athanasios Dimos, Panagiotis G. Kampylis
Creative Approaches to Environmental Learning: Two Perspectives on Teaching Environmental Art Education
Hilary J. Inwood & Ryan W. Taylor, 2012
Inviting the Unforeseen: A Dialogue About Art, Learning and Sustainability
In A. E.J. Wals & P.B. Corcoran (Eds.). Learning for Sustainability in Times of Accelerating Change, 2012
Natalia Eernstman, Jan van Boeckel, Shelley Sacks and Misha Myers
  Reuniting Art and Nature in the Life of the Child
Art Education, 65 (3) 33-38, May 2012
Wendy Strauch-Nelson
Transplanting Froebel into the Present
International Journal of Education Through Art, 8 (1) 59-72, Feb. 2012

Wendy Strauch-Nelson
Environmental education through art
International Journal of Education Through Art, 8 (1), Feb. 2012
Susana Tereso
Norsk Naturfag og kunst: berøringer med verden
Bedre Skole, nr. 4, 2013
Edvin Østergaard
Svensk Tre nyanser av grönt: En studie om mötet mellan konstbaserat lärande, natur och miljö
Bachelor thesis, 2013
Lisa Klang

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